Final Expense Leads

Due to a relatively cheap price and a growing senior population, agents and brokers have the opportunity to offer FE policies and related lines to consumers throughout the country.

At, it is our goal to provide agents with information pertaining to all sides of FE leads including: how to generate leads, where to purchase leads online, and how to close more sales.

By focusing on the right providers, final expense insurance leads can be purchased online through a quick and simple process. Your two options include:

  • Pre-defined final expense leads
  • Life insurance leads that have been filtered by age (50+) and death benefit

While this niche has traditionally been somewhat overlooked by most agents, there are many advantages of focusing more time and energy on this side of the industry.

  • The market is growing as more and more baby boomers reach retirement age
  • The low cost of the policy makes it a natural purchase for a large number of consumers
  • Selling a final expense policy can lead to other opportunities including traditional life insurance and long term care insurance

Through the purchase of online final expense leads, agents can focus on selling to consumers who are interested in buying as opposed to those who are not currently in the market.

With the help of, you can successfully get in touch with more prospects looking to buy and subsequently increase sales and profit.

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