Free Final Expense Leads

Is there anything better than free final expense leads? With these, you don’t have to spend any of your own money. Additionally, if you are able to close a deal the end result is 100 % profit.

Thanks to increased industry competition, companies that sell FE insurance leads are always looking to get a leg up. For this reason, many of them offer free leads along with discounts and reward programs.

Precise Leads

This company takes a different approach to attracting agents. While they don’t always offer free final expense leads for signing up, their “Precise Rewards Program” is enough to attract agents and brokers from all over the country.

With every dollar that you deposit into your account and spend on leads, you will receive Precise Points. Once you have enough points, you can cash them in for free leads. You earn one point for every dollar spent and free leads start at 60 points.
Get a 25% Discount For The First 3 Months With Precise Leads

When it comes to free final expense insurance leads, there aren’t many companies that offer as much as
Their offer is simple: they will offer a 50% discount on a second line for the first 30 days.
Get a 50% Discount on Second Line  with

With many companies offering free final expense leads, you can get a good feel for the benefits of this generation strategy.