Online Final Expense Leads

There used to be a time when generating final expense leads entailed making cold calls and sending direct mail. While these strategies are still employed by many agents and brokers, purchasing leads online is growing in popularity.

When compared to more traditional methods, there are many benefits of purchasing online final expense leads:

  • Leads are delivered in real time
  • The ability to set filters to ensure that you are only buying leads that meet your requirements
  • Purchase in high volume
  • Spend more time selling to warm leads than chasing after consumers who are not in the market
  • Easier to stay within budget

If you are interested in buying online final expense leads, the following companies have a strong presence in this sector of the market:

As an agent, buying online final expense insurance leads is just the start. It is not your primary goal to buy leads. Instead, your focus should be on converting leads to paying customers.
The following tips can help increase your conversion ratio:

  • Consider using Live Transfer options when available
  • Contact the consumer as soon as possible, ensuring that you are the first agent through the door
  • Don’t give up after your initial contact (it can often take five calls or more to close a deal)

With so many benefits of buying final expense leads online, it is easy to see why many agents are moving their marketing strategy in this direction.

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, FE leads are becoming easier to generate. By purchasing leads online, agents have the ability to target the market that will maximize their chance of making regular sales.